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Wedding Day Makeup Advice and Tips

Posted by Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

  • Wedding Day Makeup Tips And Advice
Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. You want to look and feel the beautiful, radiant bride with your makeup enhancing your natural beauty. Your every blush, smile and kiss will be recorded on film so your bridal makeup needs to be picture perfect and look flawless all through your big day. This guide to wedding makeup will take the stress out planning your wedding makeup.
Wedding makeup advice:
Prepare your skin for your wedding day Unfortunately many women wait until they are only a few months away from their wedding day before they even begin to give any thought to skin care. Start early and take care of your skin now. You will need to work out your skin type to help you establish a proper skin care regime. This, combined with good eating habits, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise will ensure that your skin will be radiant on your big day.
For help understanding your skin type and how to develop a quick and easy skin care routine please read Khush’s article; Great looking skin – A simple 4 step skin care guide.
Wedding makeup tip: Beware facials !
Unless you have facials on a regular basis DO NOT get one the week before your wedding day. Facials can pull impurities to the surface, and you do not want to break out the week of your wedding. To also help avoid blotches and blemishes do not make any major changes in your skin care routine during the few weeks before your wedding. The weeks before your wedding is not the time to experiment with your skin care. If you regularly get facials have your last regular facial a good week before the wedding.
Wedding makeup tip: Pimples and acne.
If you do have a breakout, do not pick. Do not do anything that can irritate or redden or enlarge the problem. Use pure Aloe Vera to treat any bumps or breakouts. It is a wonderful healer.
Wedding makeup tip: Keep away from too much sun.
Don’t get too much sun before your wedding. Sunburns, peeling skin and tan lines can sabotage your special day.
Wedding makeup advice: Use a professional makeup artist or do it yourself ?
If you are confident in applying your own makeup there is no reason you can’t do your own wedding makeup. If you are not so confident with your makeup abilities your wedding makeup is not the time to experiment – you want to look your absolute best on the day and your wedding photos will be your lifetime mementos of your special day. If you are unsure of your makeup abilities, or just want the peace of mind of not having to worry about your makeup, use a professional.
Either way read on – I’m sure you will find the following tips and advice useful.
Wedding makeup advice: Things to consider when planning your wedding makeup.
You will want your makeup to be appropriate for the time of day, the venue (indoors or outdoors) and complement the style of your wedding dress so once you have confirmed the arrangements for your wedding day, and you have decided the style of your wedding dress, you can start to think about the style of makeup you prefer. Things to consider include;
Night time or day time wedding ?
Night time weddings are typically more formal than day time weddings. For a night time wedding consider a more sophisticated makeup look. For a day time wedding makeup tends to be more natural.
Indoors or outdoors wedding ?
Outside lighting is stronger so your makeup should to be softer and more natural than makeup for an indoor wedding.
The lighting.
Different lighting requires different makeup styles. Night time lighting tends to dull makeup so a stronger makeup look is preferable. Natural and day time lighting is more generous to makeup so, again, consider a more natural makeup look.
The color of your dress.
Ivory and off white tend to make the skin look softer and can therefore support a more glamorous makeup style. White tends to look strong and washes out most faces so consider using softer colours to enhance the face.
The style of your dress.
The stronger the neckline of your dress the more sophisticated the hair and makeup style will need to be match the dress’s style. A neckline that cuts deep and is off the shoulders will look great with a hair up hair style so that the line of the neck and shoulders is shown off. Consider also the length of the dress, the shorter the dress the more simple the hair and makeup should be. Remember you are creating an entire picture, do not wear a beautiful dress and stylish heels and then wear your hair and makeup like you do when you wear your jeans. Don't sell yourself short on such a memorable day.
Wedding makeup tip: Give yourself plenty of time to organise your makeup.
Before you meet with a makeup artist, or purchase any makeup, take some time to go through bridal magazines and pull out makeup styles that you really like and some you don’t like. Armed with your bridal magazine cut outs and a picture of your wedding dress book an appointment with your makeup artist for a trial run or a consultation at your cosmetics counter. Don’t do this at the last minute. Make sure you have a good couple of weeks up your sleeve so you have time for a couple of sessions if you don’t settle on a preferred style and colours first time up. Once you have your makeup look sorted make sure the makeup artist or beauty consultant writes everything out, and notes any makeup items you may not have that you need to purchase. If you are doing your own makeup have a couple of dry runs well before your big day so you have the makeup style and look perfected well ahead of time.
Wedding makeup tip: Be yourself
You want to look sensational but remember you want to look like yourself and feel comfortable with your appearance. You can look great and stay within your comfort zone. You want your husband to be to recognise you when you walk down the aisle. Plan ahead and give yourself time to find the makeup look that you love and feels comfortable.
Wedding makeup advice: Purchasing or selecting your makeup.
Now you have settled on your makeup style here are some tips and advice on your specific makeup requirements:
Foundation: Sort out your foundation well ahead of time. The key to successful wedding makeup is perfect looking skin. Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone exactly and doesn’t look mask like. Give yourself plenty of time to experiment and find the perfect foundation for you.
For help selecting your foundation please Donna’s article; Choosing and applying foundation – A simple step by step guide.
Wedding makeup tip: Highlight one facial feature
You know your best facial feature; your plump rosy lips, your beautiful eyes or your lovely check bones. Your makeup should highlight your chosen feature. Don’t try and highlight more than one feature, it will look “too much”. If you use a bold red lipstick to highlight your beautiful lips go low key with your eye makeup. Conversely if you choose a stunning smoky eye look choose a more subtle lipstick or lip gloss.
Wedding makeup tip: Watch out for “seemed a good idea at the time”.
Watch out for fads; in 20 years time hot pink lipstick will date your wedding photos. You want to look as classic as possible so that your photo memories are timeless.
Blush: Become a truly blushing bride by choosing a warm flattering cheek colour in a pinky peach or rose or, if you tend to get flushed, a brownish tone. Experiment and find the blush colour that suits your skin tone. Use a powder based blush, they will usually last longer than cream blushers. To apply blush, start at the hairline by the middle of your ear, blend forward to the front of the cheek, and then back to the hairline and upwards. For a perfect application find a blush brush that is the size of the apple of your cheek. After the initial application dust the blush with some loose powder and then apply a touch more blush to the front of the cheek.
Lipstick or Lip Gloss:
You will be doing a lot of kissing on your wedding day so you will need a lip colour that will last. Use a matte or longwearing lipstick or lip gloss because you don't want to be constantly touching up your makeup during the day. Be sure to use a colour that complements your hair and eye colour and use a lip liner in the same colour family as your lipstick or lip gloss. Don’t use a lip liner much darker than your lipstick or lip gloss. This technique looks harsh and very unnatural in pictures. Purchase the lipstick or lip gloss and lip liner to keep in your purse for the whole day. Wedding makeup tip: Smallish lips If your lips are naturally small the lighter the lip colour the fuller the lips will seem.
Wedding makeup tip: Makeup remover.
Be sure to have makeup remover ready for any accidents. As you know makeup doesn't just wipe off, especially not off a beautiful white wedding gown. Makeup wipes are a convenient way to keep makeup remover handy.
Eye shadow: For help selecting and applying your eye shadow please read Khush’s article; Beautiful eyes made easy. If you are considering smokey eyes please Khush’s article; A step by step guide to sexy smokey eye makeup.
Wedding makeup tip: Eyebrows.
Properly groomed and shaped eyebrows help enhance and add expression to the face. Have your eyebrows groomed but do this a week before the wedding in case you get a few red bumps after plucking or waxing. Fill in your eyebrows, if needed, with an eyebrow pencil shade that's slightly lighter than your eyebrows. Brush through with an eyebrow brush or a clean toothbrush for a more natural look.
Mascara: For extra lush looking eyelashes use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara. Prepare for those tears of happiness by using a good waterproof mascara. Apply two coats, let the first coat dry before applying the second coat. When you purchase your waterproof mascara make sure that you have an eye makeup remover that also takes off waterproof mascara.
Finishing Touches: When you have finished applying your makeup you may want to apply a little more blush, and then finish with a final brush of loose powder.

Have an amazing day !!

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The Mystery and Grace of the Sari

Posted by Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

The quintessential eastern fashion statement, the sari seems to be the most misunderstood garment, in the history of apparels.

Though a number of European designers are increasingly vouching for its comfort and beauty, it is still an enigma for western cultures, mysteriously draped and staying in place without any help from pins or buttons!
A charming folktale goes The Sari, it is said, was born on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of Woman. The shimmer of her tears. The drape of her tumbling hair. The colors of her many moods. The softness of her touch. All these he wove together. He couldn’t stop. He wove for many yards. And when he was done, the story goes, he sat back and smiled and smiled and smiled.

The long length of garment in rich hues weaves and warps, is just another few yards of textile, till it is draped on a womans body. And that is the beginning of the transformation, both for the garment and the woman.

The world's oldest surviving fashion statement, the sari first finds mention in the Vedas, the ancient wisdom of the Asian sub-continent. More than 5000 years ago it existed in a similar form and was called cheera, meaning covering cloth. Some people think that Indian sari is influenced by Greek or Roman toga, which can be seen on ancient Roman statues. This is not correct.

Saree is essentially Indian in nature and was best suited to local climatic conditions. Cotton was cultivated in India centuries before Alexander the Great landed on the borders of India and Indian cloth was a wonder to the Greeks. In fact, Herodotus and other ancient western historians thought there were trees in India which grew cloth!

Times changed and its patterns changed too, and after many changes, evolution and styles later, it is today the primary wear of the Indian woman, and still the only wear for the rural Indian woman. More than 75% of the population of the Indian subcontinent wears the sari, in one form or the other.

The dress has survived the test of time, cultural invasions and even colonization. It is to its credit that the Muslim invasions, Europe colonization and even the recent globalization of styles, fashions and cultural ethos, have not managed to dent the authenticity, utility or the fan following of the sari. It still is considered the best dress for occasions like marriages, festivals and gifting to women, across the length and breadth of the country. Another interesting thing that is now seen is the adaptation of the sari for noveau fashion styles, even by some European fashion houses. One can understand the interest that the classically oriented French culture can have for a classically beautiful garment like the sari.

The sari, in its original form, was a single length of cloth with designs, worn pleated on the lower half of the body and draped across the upper part. It is worn in at least 10 to 15 styles throughout the India, though the ways of wearing above used to be common. In Maharashtra and North Karnataka region, wearing a nine-yard saree (without a petticoat – long underskirt -which was superfluous) was in vogue till 20th century. In many tribal cultures of India it is still worn like that. But after the entry of Muslim and Middle Eastern influences in India, the petticoat or the undergarment covering the lower half of the body, started. The sari was fastened on this base layer, pleated to allow free movement of the legs, then the remaining garment thrown over the shoulder to drape the top.

The style of draping the sari differs between regions in India. The rural women wear it with the topmost pleat tucked into their backs, going from between the legs, and this seems to be the most comfortable style as far as hard workingwomen are concerned. The warrior queens who went to battle on horseback would wear their saris this way, so do the women who work in the fields, as hard a their men themselves, planting, hoeing and transplanting. The garment is convenient because it leaves the arms and legs free, covers the essential parts and gives a good drape too.

In other areas, styles differ, in the cities, it is worn with more style, even as a glamorous party outfit. The sari can be made to resemble shorts, trousers, flowing gown-like or convenient skirt-wise-all without a single stitch!

The textile used to make this ethereal garment boasts of real variety. From the diaphanous cottons, soft and delicate, the muslin from Dhaka, to the sturdy silks of South India, the weaves and wafts hold sway. Each region has its own special texture and design, depending on the regional crafts and the climate of that particular area. Woven silks, gauzy muslins and textured silk cottons hold sway over millions of female hearts.
The areas which are hot and humid around the year have a unique style where the upper part of the body is not restricted to any more clothing, hence the traditional mundu of South India-Kerala is comfortable for women in those sticky, long months of tropical monsoon.

The garment has undergone functional changes even if its original style has stayed. For instance, the warrior races of Northwest India, the Rajputs developed the odhni, a slightly shorter garment worn over a flowing skirt and upper garment. The flowing skirt is called ghaghra and owes its origins to the gandharan garment that was wore in these regions in ancient times. The upper garment in the form of a small jacket or blouse is a Victorian addition, because when European cultures came into India, they were in the Victorian era, so even a naked ankle was scandal. For the far more open culture of India, this was difficult, but a mean had to be struck. So the sari adopted the blouse to please the colonial masters. Traditionally, Indian women wore what was called a kanchuki ( a single cloth tied across the breasts, much like a strapless bikini top), and there are many paintings and other evidences to prove this. But those were the times of the Kama Sutra, and for a culture that can come up with a treatise on sex, a revealing female garment was nothing extraordinary. In fact, prudery came to India only after the tenth century, first in the form of the Purdah with Muslim invaders, then Victorian values with the colonizers.

This odhni should be diaphanous, soft and billowing, conceal and yet give away the curves and beauty of its wearer. In fact, that is what the sari is supposed to do, and it does its job quite well.

The Sari is perhaps the only garment in the world that can make its wearer look modest and demure while baring the midriff, outlining the hips and draping sensuously around the curve of the waist, What is revealed is much more than what is concealed, the modesty is retained and the sensuousness is effectively conveyed. What better statement of fashion does one need?

Khush Singh - Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist

6:32 AM

Indian Wedding Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

Brides to be … it is your wedding day and please allow us to congratulate you.  As you are probably aware, wedding planning is a fantastically challenging process and there are times of utter confusion when making certain decisions. Bridal makeup and hair styling is definitely one of them!

While we know, you love to be in "the know" of the latest makeup trends (tutorials on blogs and video sites, always stopping by a makeup counter to try out a new launch), but you when it comes to your wedding day look what style do you go with???

While working with brides for over 20 years, one thing has always been consistent in my interaction with my North American & European brides. They want to look flawless and natural, but glamorous and not caked-up. Here are some guidelines on how to achieve this goal.


1. Do start looking for a professional artist at least 6 months before the big day, especially if your wedding is on a Saturday or a long weekend.

2. Do put aside a realistic budget for your beauty. There will be a higher price tag if you expect the artist to remain with you the entire wedding day. Try offering the artist more clients to work with at your wedding to make it worth their time commitment.

3. Do get comfortable with your artist's style. This includes reviewing their portfolio, considering recommendations from their previous clients, and a one-on-one consultation and trial makeup session.

4. Do set aside a budget for the trial sessions. Remember that the artist is investing time and talent to help finalize a look that looks exquisite on you.

5. Do have your outfit with you when you set up a trial session. A black T-shirt will not represent your wedding day outfit and therefore will not be able to fully translate the impact of the final look!

6. Do take your dupatta/chunni to your hair trial, especially if you need to have your head covered during the ceremony. Many a fabulous hair style succumbs to the weight of an embroidered chunni, so the hairstyle has to be pretty, as well as functional.

7. Do take pictures as reference, but remember that every look will have to be translated to reflect your features, hair, and skin tone. The Jodha Akbar look when replicated on you will be your version of it, not Aishwarya Rai's.

8. Do be open to your artist’s recommendations. They do this for a living and know how certain colors and intensities will turn out in pictures.  It is always best to take pictures before, then with an initial trial and then a stepped up style to see how the looks look on film.

9. Do try out different styles of eyelash enhancements - extensions, individual lashes or custom made full sets. They look spectacular and mascara is no match for what they can do for your eyes!

10. Do remember that colors look different in different lighting situations. If you get a trial session done for an evening event that is going to be in the soft mood lighting of a hotel, don't judge your makeup by looking at it in sunlight as it will look too bold.


1. Don't attempt to do your own hair and makeup. The bride has an enormous amount of nervous energy during those last few hours leading up to the wedding.

2. Don't ask a best friend or aunty to do it either. Yes, your friend does an amazing job with makeup when you go out to party, but can she make it work for different lighting situations and for professional photography? Does she have an array of professional grade tools and products on hand to do emergency fixes for stress related acne that just showed up or really dark circles that reflect the sleepless nights of the week preceding the wedding?

3. Don't try to cut corners on cost by going to a makeup counter to get a makeup for product purchase deal. Do you really want to run around the mall on your wedding day?

4. Don't show up at your consultation and trial session without taking care of grooming. Out of shape brows, facial hair and peeling skin will never let the flawless, perfect look come into play.

5. Don't opt for a trendy look for your wedding. If you must follow a trend, do so on the night of the sangeet. You really don't want to look time stamped on your wedding day.

6. Don't insist on dark eyes and nude lips for the wedding. Nude lips will not show up in the photographs and you will look washed out.

7. Don't go with an all out shimmery look to replicate the look you see on magazine cover shoots. It will make you look like a disco ball! Instead, keep the shimmer and sheen for your eyes with just a tad bit on your cheekbones.

8. Don't keep your hair all down for the garba and reception if you want to dance the night away (Although I did not follow this because my significant other wanted my hair down...he still owes me for this one ;) The energy, movement and passion of the moment will make you sweat and your hair will stick to your face and neck … not very pretty!

9. Don't believe everything you read about beauty products. Airbrush makeup does not last for over 18 hours and unless you use a perming chemical for curls, your curls will get looser, softer and more open as the hours progress.

10. Don't take too many suggestions from multiple friends and family after a trial session. Everyone has their own taste and viewpoint which may end up frustrating you. Let this be your decision and work with your artist until you discover the look you love!

2:40 PM

Using Makeup to Reshape facial structure

Posted by Khush Singh-Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist


It seems the possibilities for using makeup are endless. If you’ve always wanted to change your face shape or have more flattering features without going under the knife, you can now do so with your favorite makeup tools and items. With the right know-how and plenty of practice, you can easily use your makeup to reshape your face and bring attention to what you love about your face while subtly hiding the flaws.


The great thing about being able to reshape your face is that you don’t necessarily need the assistance of a professional makeup artist. All you need are the right makeup tools, colors/shades, and application tips. Of course each face shape has its own instructions for reshaping so make sure you follow the right set of directions and application tips. In most cases, you’ll need the following:


Large, round makeup brush





Highlighting Powder


(All face shapes should first apply foundation as usual)


Round Face Shape: To create a slimmer face, first dip your large, round makeup brush into your highlighting powder and use long, broad strokes to sweep the powder across the following areas: the middle of your chin, forehead, and the area of skin between the top of your cheekbones and the area just underneath your eyes. Now take your makeup brush (after making sure to remove excess highlighting powder) and dip it into your bronzer and use it to sweep color across your cheeks, temples, and jawline to contour your face. Your bronzer should be two shades darker than your natural skin tone in order to create the right effect. This will result in the appearance of a more oval, slimmer face.


Long Face Shape: This particular face shape should not use highlighting powder for contouring or shaping. Doing so will only make your face seem even longer. Instead, use your bronzer to apply a sweep of color across your chin. This will make it appear shorter. Feel free to apply your blush generously to the apples of your cheeks in order to create the illusion of balance in length of your face. To apply your blush appropriately, make sure to start at the apples of your cheeks and use outwards brush strokes to spread the color across your face.    


Heart Face Shape: This face shape will want to use highlighting powder to highlight the area between the top of the cheekbones and underneath the eyes, as well as the forehead. Doing this will create the illusion of a broader forehead and will bring more attention to the center of your face. You can also use bronzer or pressed powder to contour your cheeks and temples to minimize the appearance of too much width in these areas.


Square Face Shape: You’ll want to use bronzer to contour the following areas: the temples and both sides of the jaw (in the corners). Use your makeup brush to apply highlighting powder to the area between the top of the cheekbones and underneath the eyes, the middle of your forehead, and the tip of your chin. This will bring more attention to the middle of your face. Additionally, add blush to the apples of your cheeks in order to make your square face appear more oval in shape.


Oval Face Shape: If you have this face shape, you’re in luck because you don’t need to shape or contour. Oval face shapes are the most ideal in terms of symmetrical facial features.


<a href="">Khush Singh - Celebrity &amp; Indian Bridal Makeup Artist</a>

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